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Foreign teacher initiates “good deed month”

Foreign teacher initiates “good deed month”

A foreign teacher named Sammie introduced the “good deed month” to a rural area school in Yilan County, encouraging the students to speak English.

The principal of the Suao Elementary School said the students in the rural area don’t have as many resources as students from the city, and they don’t have much chance to talk to native English speakers, so Suao Elementary School applies for an English teacher program every year to have foreign teachers to come to their class.

Sammie thinks that learning English is not just sitting in the classroom, so she adds many outdoor activities in the class. She also introduced the “good deed month“ activity, in which she requests the kids to write down the favors they have received from others on a piece of paper, and connect those little notes together to hang them in the plaza of the school.

Sammie is going back to the United States next month, but she hopes the activity can be passed down, and she will miss all the students and teachers in Suao. To follow her most recent adventures around the world, please visit her travel blog.

Updated : 2021-09-27 04:00 GMT+08:00