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New immigrant policies based on big data

New immigrant policies based on big data

The number of new immigrants in Taiwan has reached 500,000, and their next generation 350,000. Improving their living quality and providing them with basic rights have become important issues.

The Executive Yuan launched a “Big data advisory group” to teach each government office how to analyze and conduct policies based on the big data. The authorities indicated that Premier Mao Chi-kuo hopes to understand the conditions of foreign-born Taiwanese through the big data. Mao said that to make good use of the big data, which are based on mass statistics, could help government offices get a clear understanding of the needs and resources of the new immigrant talents. The big data consulting group is undergoing an initiation process under the guidance of Vice Premier Chang San-cheng, and the related offices are required to cooperate.

Mao is very concerned about the education resources of the new immigrants. The record of entering Taiwan and the residency of the new immigrants can be tracked by the Executive Yuan, but after they have naturalized, the resources couldn’t be found anymore. In case the government wants to know if those naturalized immigrants have the sufficient resources, the big data will be the only the way to find out.

Updated : 2021-09-21 03:25 GMT+08:00