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Taiwan to stop banning Vietnamese labor

Taiwan to stop banning Vietnamese labor

Labor minister Chen Hsiung-wen has announced that the ban on the import of more Vietnamese caregivers and fisheries labor will be lifted after he attended the Taiwan-Vietnam labor minister meeting and signed a draft agreement with the Vietnamese government.

Migrant workers from Vietnam were banned due to the runaway migrant labor issue. As the situation improved, the Ministry of Labor decided to renegotiate the banning of the Vietnamese laborers. In the future, the Vietnamese caregivers who apply to work in Taiwan will have to take 200-hour Chinese and 100-hour law and regulation training courses. Affidavits will have to be signed between Taiwanese and Vietnamese labor brokerages, making the Vietnamese agencies liable for compensation charges if the laborers run away. A list of runaways will be provided by the Taiwanese government to its Vietnamese counterpart.

The deputy minister at the Workforce Development Agency, Liu Jia-jing, said that a favorable offer of direct hiring will be given to Vietnamese workers who hold Chinese-language certificates.

Updated : 2021-09-24 23:17 GMT+08:00