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Single immigrant mother wins exemplary mother citation

Single immigrant mother wins exemplary mother citation

Luo Jinyin, a Chinese immigrant who lost her husband and raised her son alone, never complains about her misfortune, allowing her to win an exemplary mother award.

Luo was a waitress in China, and met her husband at the restaurant she worked at, before moving to Taiwan after the wedding. But her happily ever after didn’t last long, as her husband passed away because of a stroke, leaving her and their two sons. She didn’t want her two sons to live the hard life with her, so she sent them to a foster family, and worked very hard in order to get them back in the event her economic condition stabilized. Her two-year-old first born was diagnosed with a speech delay, so she had to hold her little son, and take her older son to the speech-language pathology clinic every week. At present, her son’s learning condition is no different from other same-aged students.

Before Mother’s Day, her son curved a flower as a Mother’s Day present, and told her “Happy Mother’s Day, thank you, mom.”

Updated : 2021-09-29 07:47 GMT+08:00