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Chinese spouse lauded as an exemplary mother

Chinese spouse lauded as an exemplary mother

Jian Meiju got married to her husband Ren Rei-lin who is 53 years older than her after meeting him in Guangzhou 26 years ago. Despite the disagreement of her parents, she made up her mind to move to Taiwan and started a family with Ren. She takes care of her husband and supports her family, and has been honored as an exemplary mother.

Jiang met her husband when she worked in the hotel where Ren stayed when he paid a visit to his family in China. They became pen pals for an year, and Jiang is deeply attracted by Ren’s kindness and beautiful hand writing. She married Ren without telling her parents his age, and after their son was born, her family eventually accepted their relationship.

To take care of Ren who began suffering from Alzheimer three years ago, Jiang spent NT$100,000 to buy a used car to drive him to hospital, visit old friends, and travel. “It is my greatest happiness to take good care of my husband,“ said Jiang with tears in her eyes.

Updated : 2021-09-24 19:28 GMT+08:00