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New Taipei cites exemplary mother and daughter-in-law

New Taipei cites exemplary mother and daughter-in-law

Chinese spouse Xiao Hong received the commendation of exemplary mother and daughter-in-law together with her mother-in-law Kuo Li-lan the other day. “We are more like a real mother and daughter,” said Xiao.

When Xiao came to Taiwan, she often wept as she was homesick, but under the care and attention of her mother-in-law, she said she felt like home and adapted to life in Taiwan very soon, and Kuo is like her real mother. Kuo said that Xiao married her son not long after her own daughter got married, so she treated her like her own daughter and after Xiao gave birth to her three grandchildren, she was always the one who took care of her and the babies.

Xiao and Kuo have a very good relationship. Besides working in her husband’s shop, Xiao always helps her mother-in-law with the farm work to reduce her burden.

Updated : 2021-09-21 13:11 GMT+08:00