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Indian cricketers doubt feasibility of rebel league

Indian cricket community doubts feasibility of rumored rebel cricket league

Indian cricketers doubt feasibility of rebel league

NEW DELHI (AP) -- Indian cricket leaders are not convinced that a rival league could drive a wedge through the sport's global competition or threaten the power of the International Cricket Council.

After all, they say, this has been tried before in India -- and didn't succeed.

Recent reports that billionaire businessman Subhash Chandra is planning to set up a rival cricket system seems far-fetched to most who follow cricket in India, largely because a Twenty20 league launched by his Essel Group several years ago collapsed with millions of dollars reportedly owed to players.

According to news reports in Britain and Australia, the Essel Group has recently registered company names in some test-playing countries, however, in preparation for what could be a move to sign top players and establish a new global Twenty20 league.

Updated : 2021-09-27 19:29 GMT+08:00