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Lithuania protests Russia's Baltic Sea naval activities

Lithuania protests against Russian interference with Baltic Sea power cable construction

Lithuania protests Russia's Baltic Sea naval activities

HELSINKI (AP) -- Lithuania says it has summoned Russia's ambassador to complain about repeated Russian naval activities that are disrupting "peaceful shipping and economic activity" in Lithuanian waters.

Lithuania's Foreign Ministry said Friday that it was particularly concerned about the Russian navy's attempts to interfere with the ongoing construction of an undersea power link between Lithuania and Sweden through the Baltic Sea.

It said a Russian navy vessel entered Lithuania's economic zone on April 30 and "illegally ordered to change the course" of a Swedish-owned ship laying the 400-kilometer (250-mile) power cable.

The ministry said it was the fourth such incident in April, each of which has prompted a protest from Lithuania.

Ministry spokesman Kestutis Vaskelevicius said Lithuania did not receive any explanation from Russia's ambassador or other Russian officials Friday.

Updated : 2021-09-27 14:55 GMT+08:00