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Nan'an afterschool class for underprivileged students

Nan'an afterschool class for underprivileged students

The Nan'an Elementary School in Suao, Yilan County, founded an afterschool class last September. From the beginning until now, the students have made great progress no matter whether on school work or learning new things, which motivates the school administration to expand the class number and laid a foundation to raise the tuition.

Among all the students at Nan'an Elementary School, almost one third of them are from underprivileged families. Some parents of first and second graders couldn’t make it home when their kids are off school, so the school initiated the afterschool class last year with lectures on artistry and school work. Considering the financial situation of the students, the tuition is NT$500 per month and the rest will come from the funding.

Besides Nan'an Elementary School, Nan'an Junior High School also started an afterschool class. Upon knowing this situation, the Yilan Fishery Association donated NT$120,000 as funding for the classes. The administration of Nan'an Elementary School also hopes to raise sufficient donations and to start the afterschool class from the first grade to the ninth grade.

Updated : 2021-09-17 03:34 GMT+08:00