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I-Mei: Food industry must get away from fertilizer and additives

I-Mei: Food industry must get away from fertilizer and additives

As Taiwan is beset by one food safety incident after another, Asian University’s Hiwin Silver Forum Distinguished Lecturers Series invited Luis Ko, the chairman of I-Mei Foods, to talk about food security Wednesday. Ko told students the government should present a set of food management practices to help facilitate control of sources in the food industry. At the same time, the consuming public should refuse to eat harmful food additives. When that happens, said Ko, Taiwan will be on the way to restoring the public’s confidence in food safety.

Ko said he believes the government plays a very important role in food security issues. Relevant agencies should propose good food management practices, starting with proper regulation of the use of pesticides in growing agricultural products and information on the effects of heavy metals in foods. The government should also arrange workshops and seminars that will enlighten consumers, especially younger ones, on some of the harmful foods they need to avoid in places like snack bars and night markets.

In addition, the consuming public should be aware of and refuse to eat food products that contain harmful additives. The food industry’s mission is to provide good food, and it must also act on the basis of human principles and conscience and resist the temptation to make easy, dirty money from food products.

Ko noted that Taiwan is a beautiful place for growing agricultural products. Unfortunately, however, the average amount of pesticides purchased and used each year in Taiwan is the highest in the world.

Consumers must carefully read the ingredients listed for the foods they eat and refuse to buy unhealthy foods. In addition, many consumers need to change their shopping habits. The use of food additives must be minimized, and consumers should strive to buy only foods containing additives that will not prejudice their health and are absolutely necessary.

Updated : 2021-09-28 10:04 GMT+08:00