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Wang Jin-pyng quashes rumors of Changhua seat run

Wang Jin-pyng quashes rumors of Changhua seat run

Pressures inside the KMT are building even before most potential candidates for the 2016 elections have declared their intentions for the campaign. On Tuesday Legislative Speaker Wang Jin-pyng found himself having to find off rumors that he planned to enter the Legislative Yuan race in Changhua in January.

Political pundit Tsai Yu-chen tossed out that tidbit during one of the political talk shows Monday night, leading Wang to offer an unusually vigorous denial the next day. Wang called the supposed scoop “bilge water,” saying that nothing of the kind was in the works. Tsai said that Wang planned to run for the Legislature from Changhua and then make a move to gain back the Speaker’s position once more in the next session of the Legislative Yuan.

On Tuesday Wang denied it all, saying the pundit’s claims were all hogwash and someone was just trying to plant rumors about the upcoming campaign.

Asked if KMT Chairman Eric Chu’s planned visit to China will offer a prime opportunity for him to announce his intentions in the party's presidential primary, Wang said he had no comment on that and reiterated his earlier announcement that he would make a statement on May 16. “When the time is right I will let you know whether the answer is yes or no. I will tell everyone everything, but until then don’t listen to outsiders, I’ll tell you everything when the time is right.”

Wang also shirked questions about whether there is a trip to China in his future as well. He said that when he returns to the Legislative Yuan he has many things to do on behalf of the people, trying to work out compromises between the people and Legislators. He said there are many things he must do, but first he needs to examine the needs of the people and see what he can do for his country.

Updated : 2021-09-22 09:57 GMT+08:00