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'Do Over' inspires readers to take control of careers

Review: Jon Acuff inspires readers to take control of their careers in 'Do Over'

'Do Over' inspires readers to take control of careers

"Do Over" (Penguin), by Jon Acuff

If you're sick of constantly fighting the Monday blues, this book is for you. New York Times best-selling author Jon Acuff spent 16 years gathering information for "Do Over." He encourages readers to critically evaluate their career paths and challenges them to prepare for whatever the future may hold.

According to Acuff, most of us were taught to work at a job instead of building a career. That's where Acuff suggests investing in a Career Savings Account. It typically includes four elements: relationships, skills, character and hustle. In order to keep the account sustainable, you must strengthen and build new relationships, master new skills, maintain your integrity and work harder than those around you. Following these steps will ensure a soft place to land should you find yourself in an unexpected career do over.

Whether it is voluntary or involuntary, everyone will experience a Career Jump, a Career Bump, a Career Ceiling or a Career Opportunity. Whether you feel stuck in your job, or you're ready to start over in an entirely new field, The Career Savings Account is the toolbox needed to help you through the transition.

Acuff understands what it means to live for the weekends. He uses various personal examples to endear himself to his readers, assuring them that he has walked this walk before. His career advice is solid. In order to reinvent yourself at work, you have to honestly assess when you shine -- and when you submit to fear.

Acuff's witty humor certainly makes trudging through a book of career advice an easy read. By the end, most will have a new outlook on their role in the workplace. They will be ready to take on the day with nothing but an adjusted attitude and a ton of grit.



Updated : 2021-09-26 22:17 GMT+08:00