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Taipei to set up social housing corporation: official

Taipei to set up social housing corporation: official

Taipei, April 27 (CNA) The man in charge of Taipei's urban development said the city government will set up a public housing corporation by the end of this year to build and manage 50,000 for-rent-only housing units in eight years. Lin Chou-min (???), director of the capital city's Department of Urban Development, made the statement after signing a memorandum of understanding with Seoul's SH Corporation to model its successful experience in the development and construction of housing projects in South Korea. Reiterating Mayor Ko Wen-je's campaign promise to build 20,000 housing units in four years and 50,000 units in eight years, Lin said South Korea's capital city has since the 1990s built 220,000 social housing units, accounting for 6.2 percent of the city's total number of residences. "At present, we have only 6,600 public housing units in Taipei or 0.7 percent of the total housing units. We are aiming to raise that percentage to 5 percent," he added. He further cited SH Seoul's records in land development, public residence lease, redevelopment/reconstruction, remodeling, and project maintenance with a capitalization of NT$154.5 billion (US$5.02 billion) and a staff of 695, who manage 197,977 housing units in the capital area. The first step to promote a successful public housing policy is to establish a management company, Lin said, and his department is planning to form one which will have a staff of 50 members, including seven from his department and a board of directors and a CEO. The chairman and members of the board of directors at the proposed Taipei Housing Corp. will not draw any pay from the company, while its CEO -- who will be recruited from the market -- will be paid a market price, he said. Lin said Taipei's social housing will be built with state-of-the- art green technology and equipped with the best ICT products available in Taiwan. "We definitely will look at these for-rent-only housing units as the city's permanent assets and manage them with greatest care," he said. (By You Kai-hsiang and S.C. Chang)

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