2015 Ecofair: An ecological Taipei

The Public Works Department, Taipei city government and Friends of Daan Forest Park Foundation organize the very first Eco fair in Taipei from April 24 to 25. The Eco fair seeks to raise citizen’s environmental awareness and increase a city’s biodiversity.

Taipei has a great potential to develop into an eco-city because of its abundant natural landscape and natural resources. It all begins with Daan Forest Park, the biggest green land in Taipei; hence, it is also known as “the lung of the city”. The nature of the park provides balance and healing power to the stressful inhabitants of the city.

“Daan Forest Park not only is an example of sustainable ecology in the city, it also has an educational purpose,” said Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-Je during his speech at the opening ceremony. Ko further expressed his gratitude towards various NGOs that help the government in promoting ecology movement and preserving the environment. He believes through the collaboration between governments, NGOs, and volunteers, they can reach the maximum efficiency within budget.

The Public Works Department and Friends of Daan Forest Park Foundation continue to push to expand more quality ecological parks by cooperating with the citizens, the academics and the government.

Over the weekend, the Eco fair encourages civilians to come and interact with the NGOs such as the Society of Wilderness and the famous Totoro Fund from Japan. The children will have a chance to learn about sustainable environment through games and activities while the adults can enjoy the music, dance and art performances. The Eco fair hopes to bring people together and contribute to our Mother Nature.