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13 tea drink chains agree to join Taipei's Food Tracer mechanism

13 tea drink chains agree to join Taipei's Food Tracer mechanism

Taipei, April 24 (CNA) Thirteen chains selling tea drinks in Taiwan have agreed to join Taipei's food ingredient registration campaign, publishing their sources of food ingredients and other key information on food safety on the city government's Food Tracer platform. The agreement was reached in a meeting between Taipei city health officials and the operators of major tea drink chain stores in the country Friday for talks about tea safety, after two tea chains were discovered to be selling pesticide-tainted tea drinks, triggering public concerns. The 13 businesses attending the meeting also agreed to adopt a three-tier management scheme on tea quality examination and verification, in an effort to guarantee the safety of their products, Vice Taipei Health Director Lin Hsiu-liang (???) told the press after the event. The three-tier management system includes source management by tea growers, quality checks on tea samples conducted by laboratories at the request of tea traders and tea drink sellers, and regular safety checks by the tea drink sellers, Lin said. The businesses will also have all their raw materials examined by independent laboratories and will publish the examination results on the Food Tracer Taipei platform, an online food ingredient tracking website the city government launched in January in the hope of ensuring transparency in the city's food sources, Lin added. The platform enables food suppliers across the city, including night market food stand owners, produce growers and school meal suppliers to upload the sources from which they procure their ingredients, according to the city government. The 13 businesses that attended the meeting include Ching Shin Fu Chuan (????), Tea Plus (????), England Stornaway (???), Share Tea (???), Orange Tea (????), Chatime (????) and Cha For Tea ToGo (???ToGo). They also include Combuy, Cha Tang Hui (???), Wu Shih Lan (???), CoCo Tea (CoCo??), Happy Lemon (????), and Presotea (???). Representatives of the Taipei Tea Merchants Association and Da Dong Tea Co. (??????) were also present. England Stornaway and Wu Shih Lan have been found over the past few days to have been using tea containing traces of banned pesticides to make their drinks. England Stornaway claimed it was not aware that the tea it purchased from a New Taipei-based tea trader was not safe for consumption. The findings have triggered a judicial investigation and nationwide checks by the authorities on the safety of tea and tea drinks. (By Huang Li-yun and Elizabeth Hsu)

Updated : 2021-09-22 02:12 GMT+08:00