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Shopping groups from China visit DreamWorks plum factory

Shopping groups from China visit DreamWorks plum factory

An independent Chinese travelers group visited the DreamWorks Plum factory in Nantou County on April 23. They bought all the plum essence without asking the price. The Sinyi Township Farmers' Association had to increase the production, and work overtime to pack and ship the goods.

Chang Sheng-cheng, the chief of the DreamWorks plum factory, said this is the second time the Chinese group has taken all the products since last year. With a high customer retention rate, many of the Chinese customers shop for their friends and relatives.

In recent years, the DreamWorks plum factory has become a hot tourist spot and many of the Chinese travelers indicate that the price of the plum essence is only 50 percent of that in China.

Chang said they were receiving large orders from China which approximately reached a value of NT$1 million in total.

Updated : 2021-09-22 16:09 GMT+08:00