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China denies 'exodus' of bureaucrats amid anti-graft drive

Rumors prompt Chinese official to deny 'exodus' of bureaucrats amid anti-graft drive

China denies 'exodus' of bureaucrats amid anti-graft drive

BEIJING (AP) -- A Chinese official has publicly denied rumors of an "exodus" of bureaucrats from civil service following reports of widespread unhappiness over poor working conditions and an anti-corruption drive.

Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security spokesman Li Zhong told reporters Friday that some resignations were to be expected. But he says there's been no noticeable surge in numbers of bureaucrats leaving central government departments despite reports pointing to wide-scale discontent.

Such comments from government spokesmen are extremely rare and appear to show the authorities are seriously concerned about falling morale among civil servants.

Reports and surveys show Chinese are turning away from civil service jobs because of heavy workloads and low pay. Many are also believed to fear being caught up in the anti-corruption campaign.

Updated : 2021-09-22 02:27 GMT+08:00