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Subtle difference exists in interpretation of 1992 conference: MAC

Taipei, April 23 (CNA) The 1992 consensus has been the most important foundation for the government in making and carrying out its mainland policy in spite of a "subtle" difference between Taiwan and mainland China in their interpretation of the consensus, Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) head Hsia Li-yan (???)said Thursday. The consensus refers to a tacit understanding reached by Taiwan and China in 1992 that "there is only one China, with each side free to interpret its meaning." Taipei has insisted that one China means the Republic of China, but Beijing has just emphasized the one China principle and has intentionally ignored the latter part of the consensus -- each side is free to interpret what "one China" means. China's Taiwan Affairs Office Deputy Director Lee Yafei (???), while delivering a speech in Taipei the previous day, said that the consensus means that both sides agree to orally express, respectively, "they both insist on the principle of one China." Hsia, at a legislative meeting, was asked by an opposition lawmaker to clarify the difference between Taiwan's and the mainland's interpretation of the 1992 consensus. Hsia's deputy, Wu Mei-hung (???), said at a regular press conference earlier in the day that the government has never accepted Beiing's interpretation of "one China principle." (By Yin Chun-chieh & Bear Lee)

Updated : 2021-09-27 00:52 GMT+08:00