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IOC: Ukraine president Poroshenko against sports boycotts

IOC says Ukraine president Poroshenko opposes sports boycotts, after World Cup call

IOC: Ukraine president Poroshenko against sports boycotts

LAUSANNE, Switzerland (AP) -- The International Olympic Committee says that Ukraine state President Petro Poroshenko does not support boycotts of sports events.

Last month, Poroshenko suggested to European allies that boycotting football's 2018 World Cup hosted by Russia "needs to be discussed."

Russia also hosts the two-yearly swimming world championships in Kazan from July 24-Aug. 9.

In a statement released Wednesday, the IOC says "the Ukrainian President said he was 'against sports boycotts'" in a meeting with its President Thomas Bach.

Bach noted in Tuesday's meeting that "boycotts are incompatible" with a United Nations resolution supporting autonomy for sports and encouraging "full participation."

A Ukraine government statement about the meeting in Lausanne did not specify Poroshenko's position on boycotts.

Poroshenko stated that "Olympic values are of particular importance for Ukraine," his government's statement said.

Updated : 2021-09-27 11:30 GMT+08:00