Police terminate long missing record of foreign worker

Hsilo police station in Yunlin County received a report which indicated that a foreign laborer often wandered about near the intersection of Chunghwa Road and Renhe Road. Police also noticed a woman near that area, who always turned her back when the police car passed by, so they started an investigation and found the woman was a missing foreign worker.
Bui was named as a Vietnamese laborer who had been on the run for eight years, the longest missing worker in police records. She said the pay she received from the previous company was way too low, and considering her visa expiration date was close, she decided to escape and find other jobs.
Because of the long period of disappearance, Bui's papers and ID could not be found easily, but by making many phone calls and looking for the old documents, police finally found out her identity.
Gan Yen-ming, the chief of Hsilo police station, said that the business owners shouldn't hire foreign labors who couldn't provide valid papers, and if they find any such persons, they should call the police.