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BC-EU--Britain Election,ADVISORY, EU

BC-EU--Britain Election,ADVISORY, EU


Britain's most unpredictable general election in decades is Thursday, May 7, with polls showing the two biggest parties -- Labour and the Conservatives --running in a virtual dead heat. The election could decide issues such as whether Britain will remain a member of the European Union, whether it will close its doors to immigrants and whether it will continue with the austerity programs.

The Associated Press plans comprehensive spot and enterprise coverage in all formats. Here is a selection of the top stories planned (additional coverage on merits):

--Britain-Uneasy About Immigration: Boston is a typical English town -- ancient church, traditional shops, Polish supermarkets, Baltic bakeries. Immigration has transformed Boston, and Britain, in the last decade -- and unhappiness about the country's transformation is reshaping the political landscape as voters prepare to choose a new government. Text and photos moved March 31.

--Britain-Election-Scotland: Britain's Labour Party has long relied on Scotland as its base. But last year's vote on whether Scotland should be independent has galvanized support for the rival Scottish National Party, which is promising to put a quick end to painful austerity measures. The party is siphoning off Labour supporters and could be the kingmaker in deciding who leads the country. Text and photos moved April 7, and video on April 9.

--Britain -Election-Farage: Nigel Farage and his UK Independence Party are siphoning support from Britain's main parties and pushed the ruling Conservatives to the right -- but will voters be wary of casting ballots for a party still seen by many as on the fringe? Text, photos and video moved April 17.

--Britain-All About the Economy: Britain's election might as well be a referendum on austerity. The economy -- and whether people feel it is moving in the right direction -- has quickly become the main focus of the campaign. Text and photos moved April 19.

--Britain-Election-Wild Race: The wildest race in the election pits lawmaker George Galloway - a leftist maverick once suspended from Parliament over financial dealings with Saddam Hussein's regime -- against a Muslim women's rights activist with a powerful personal story of poverty, forced marriage and her mother's murder of an abusive partner. Text and photos expected April 27.

--Britain-Election-Brexit: Voters are worried about high levels of immigration from the rest of the European Union -- and politicians are capitalizing on those concerns. Some suggest the country leave the 28-country bloc -- and there's even a new word to describe a potential British exit -- the Brexit. Text, photos and video expected April 30.

--Britain-Election-Photo Gallery: British elections are brutal affairs. The polls close at 10 p.m. local time. Within hours the moving vans can be parked outside Number 10, waiting to ferry away the losing prime minister. This photo gallery will showcase some of the most momentous moments in British electoral history, from Winston Churchill's surprise defeat in 1945 to David Cameron's arrival after days of tortuous coalition negotiations in 2010. Photos, text block expected May 1.

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