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Lebanon implements new traffic laws amid criticism

Despite criticism, Lebanon starts implementing new traffic law on speed limits, higher fines

Lebanon implements new traffic laws amid criticism

BEIRUT (AP) -- Lebanon has started implementing a new traffic law that includes speed limits and mandatory seat belts in what officials hope is a move that will reduce deaths from road accidents.

Traffic policemen handed out pamphlets to motorists at main Beirut intersections on Wednesday, advising them on new fines in case of violations.

In sharp contrast to just the day before, most motorists had their seatbelts fastened and those on motorcycles wore helmets. Closely watched by policemen, drivers were abiding by traffic lights.

Police Capt. Eddie Kahwaji says his men have so far been "surprised by the commitment of people" and that he hopes if all goes well, "deaths on the roads will drop."

New fines range between 50,000 Lebanese pounds ($33) and 3,000,000 Lebanese pounds ($2,000), depending on the violation.

Updated : 2021-09-19 10:58 GMT+08:00