Chu denies May 4 already agreed for Xi summit

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Kuomintang Chairman Eric Liluan Chu said Wednesday that an eventual meeting with Chinese communist leader Xi Jinping was still under discussion, rejecting media reports that May 4 had been agreed on and that he would deliver an important statement about the 1992 Consensus.
The KMT and China’s Communist Party are scheduled to hold a regular cross-straits forum in Shanghai on May 3, prompting a discussion of whether Chu should attend.
Media reports have Chu heading the KMT delegation and traveling on to Beijing for a summit with Xi the following day.
Responding to the speculation Wednesday, Chu said that both parties were still discussing details about the agenda for the forum, which is supposed to center on economic and cultural issues.
Media reports said Chu would confirm his allegiance to the 1992 Consensus, which has been the focus of deep divisions in Taiwan. The opposition claims there never was such a consensus, while the government said that talks between China and Taiwan in Hong Kong in 1992 resulted in both sides accepting the notion that there was “One China” but that each side could have its own interpretation of what that “One China” was. Chu was preparing an important speech about the subject, media reports said Wednesday.
The issue of Chu’s first trip to China since he took over leadership of the KMT last January became the focus of clashes at the New Taipei City Council Wednesday. Members of the opposition Democratic Progressive Party came up with a picture of Xi as a Chinese emperor and Chu as a eunuch, provoking a backlash from KMT councilors. Chu, who serves as the mayor of New Taipei, looked on from a distance, according to cable TV footage.