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Beijing International Film Festival opens with big names

Beijing Film Festival opens with international names, as it seeks higher profile

Beijing International Film Festival opens with big names

BEIJING (AP) -- The fifth Beijing International Festival has opened in China's capital city, where organizers are hoping to raise the event's profile by hiring a veteran European festival chief.

The festival, which opened Thursday and continues through April 23, is overseen by Marco Mueller, a Swiss-Italian who has produced several films including the Oscar-winning 2001 Bosnian film "No Man's Land."

Luc Besson leads the festival jury and Arnold Schwarzenegger is scheduled to speak.

Fifteen films will compete for the 10 Temple of Heaven Awards, including best feature film and best director. They include South Korean entry "The Whistleblower," U.S. movie "Experimenter," Indian film "Fig Fruit and the Wasps," and two Chinese films, "Wolf Totem" and "The Taking of Tiger Mountain."

Updated : 2021-09-17 00:12 GMT+08:00