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3+4 program for overseas students

3+4 program for overseas students

The Taipei Economics and Trade Office in Jakarta is promoting a “3+4 overseas Chinese student program”, encouraging overseas students from Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines to pursue the three-year technical high school education in Taiwan.

Wan Shu-hua, the director of overseas Chinese affairs, indicated that students who joined the “3+4 overseas Chinese student program” could go to the technical universities for further studies after finishing the three years at high school.

The partner institutions for 2015 are Chung Shan Industrial & Commercial School, Juang Jin Vocational High School and Wan Neng High School. The Wan Neng High School is the new joint school which is known for its Information Technology Department. The closing date for entries is April 30.

Updated : 2021-09-21 12:36 GMT+08:00