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A Thai shop which is busy all year round

A Thai shop which is busy all year round

Married and having moved to Taiwan 12 years ago, Huang Quidika opened a Thai store three and a half years ago. The store which sells not only Thai cuisine, but also daily necessities, is always full of Thai people. Huang and her husband even give up their holidays and make it a busy all-year-round spot, hoping to help those foreign laborers to relieve their feelings of homesickness.

Before opening this store, the owner, Huang Yi-zhong was a salaried man, and his wife was a full-time house wife. The store sells lots of Thai household necessities. Besides local Thai street food, they also sell Thai rice which attracts a lot of Thai laborers. In order to make the food, the couple not only plant Thai spices by themselves, but follow the traditional way of Thai cooking, using the bamboo-made basket in the rice cooker, successfully making the really local Thai dishes.

Ever since the opening day, the store has almost been open 24/7. “I just can’t disappoint those foreign laborers,”said Huang.“So the only choice is to open every single day.”

Updated : 2021-09-26 21:53 GMT+08:00