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Elementary schools in Tainan celebrate centennial

Elementary schools in Tainan celebrate centennial

Yangfu Elementary School of Middlewest District and Ouwang Elementary School of Jiangjun District in Tainan are having their 100th anniversary celebrations. Many former students went back to attend the ceremony and share stories from the old days.

“The school was built in 1915 and its former name was Tainan Secondary Normal Elementary school. It was built for the offspring of the Japanese. The school was renamed Yangfu Elementary School in 1947, and seven of our old students are coming to this celebration from Japan,” according to school officials.

Tainan City Mayor William Lai was invited to the celebration at Ouwang Elementary School. “It takes 10 years to grow a tree but a hundred years to nurture people,” he said. Lai said he hoped the students could look up to those famous alumni from Ouwang Elementary School and put more effort into their academic work.

Updated : 2021-09-21 20:17 GMT+08:00