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Taiwan meteorologist: Light rain is better than heavy rainfall

Taiwan meteorologist: Light rain is better than heavy rainfall

A meteorologist, Cheng Ming Dean, commented on Facebook Sunday that the recent light rain is “better than heavy rainfall.” He pointed out because of climate change, the occurrences of heavy precipitation will increase, which will be hazardous to ecosystem and agriculture.

Cheng further explained that under the influences of global warming, whenever the temperature rises by 1 degree, the water content in the air will increase by 7 percent. When there is more water content in the air, the convention will become more concentrated, leading to heavier rainfall and longer duration of precipitation. On the contrast, this situation will cause the range of dryness to expand, thus prolongs the lack of precipitation.

The uneven distribution of rainfall will aggravate the difficulties in water resource management because it is impossible to predict the quantity and the time of rainfall. Therefore, it will be harder for the reservoirs to store water.

Cheng concluded that the decrease in light rainfall is important in the long-term meteorology observation because it has a serious effect on the ecology and agriculture.

Updated : 2021-09-29 03:37 GMT+08:00