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Albania complains of UEFA double standards

Albanian football federation accuses UEFA of applying double standards

Albania complains of UEFA double standards

TIRANA, Albania (AP) -- The Albanian football federation is accusing UEFA of double standards over its decision to award Serbia a forfeit victory in a European championship qualifier.

The Oct. 14 game was stopped before halftime when a drone carrying an Albanian nationalist banner hovered above the Belgrade field. Players clashed and Serbian fans attacked Albania team members. Albania refused to play on and UEFA awarded Serbia a 3-0 win by default, but then deducted the three points because of team violence.

The Albanian federation, FSHF, contrasted UEFA's treatment with the decision to call off a qualifier between Montenegro and Serbia because of fans throwing objects at the Russian players, and awarding the visiting team a 3-0 win.

The FSHF says UEFA "did not apply the same standard of judgment" in the two cases.

Both Albania and Serbia have appealed their sanctions.

Updated : 2021-09-17 15:25 GMT+08:00