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The 12th National NGO Conference calls for drastic changes in energy policies

The 12th National NGO Conference calls for drastic changes in energy policies

The National NGO Conference took place on Tuesday, April 7, which aims to bring changes to the energy policies in Taiwan within the next 10 years. They announced that the results of the discussion will be presented to the political parties on Earth Day, celebrated every year on April 22.

The 12th national NGO conference was held at the Legislative Yuan on Tuesday, where around 50 civil organizations participated in the discussion. The conference talked about topics such as sustainable policies, change in energy supply resources, nuclear power, food safety, agricultural education, environmental policies, animal welfare, and conservation of wildlife, ecology, biodiversity and aboriginal reserves.

The society of wilderness stated that the government should be more proactive in respect of Taiwan’s sustainable development. Lai Rong-Siao, the president of the Society of Wilderness, believes that sustainable development should not focus only on the growth of GDP but also emphasize on the environmental and social justice with regards to economic development.

Organizations such as Taiwan Environmental Protection Union and Trena Alliance pointed out in the discussion of energy transformation that the talk on a nuclear-free nation by 2025 should not only be a slogan, but the government should leads the society in the direction of energy conservation and renewable green energy. It will be 2025 in 10 years; this period of time should be used to pass bills that assists Taiwan to transform into a leading country in the area of renewable green technology and develops a more diverse energy resource environment.
Lately, the civil society has continuously pressured the government to shine more lights on the sustainable development policies.

The organizer of the 12th national NGO conference declared that they will send out the consensus of the conference to the presidential office, the political parties, and the chief of various government branches on Earth Day.

Updated : 2021-09-18 10:58 GMT+08:00