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US judge upholds verdict against Arab Bank

US judge clears way for trial on damages against Arab Bank for terrorist attacks

US judge upholds verdict against Arab Bank

NEW YORK (AP) -- A U.S. judge has refused to throw out a jury verdict finding a large Jordon-based bank responsible for terrorist attacks in Israel that killed Americans.

The ruling Wednesday by Judge Brian Cogan clears the way for a trial later this year to determine damages.

Jurors in Brooklyn had found Arab Bank liable in 24 attacks. Cogan upheld the decision for 22 of the attacks but agreed with the bank that the evidence fell short for two of them.

The American plaintiffs sued in 2004 under a law allowing victims of overseas terrorist attacks to seek compensation. They accused the bank of knowingly doing business with Hamas during a wave of suicide bombings in the early 2000s.

Updated : 2021-09-29 06:34 GMT+08:00