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Cuba says it's launching first official classified ads

Cuban government plans to launch island's first official classified ads in print and online

Cuba says it's launching first official classified ads

HAVANA (AP) -- The Cuban government says it will start publishing classified ads in print and online, entering a vibrant informal marketplace where Cubans can find everything from houses to pirated U.S. television programs.

Cubans frustrated by their ability to obtain high-quality products from state-run businesses at affordable prices frequently consult a range of new websites and privately run pamphlets used by licensed and black-market entrepreneurs to sell a startling variety of goods and services.

Most of the publications have started in the last five years as government reforms have permitted the growth of a small private sector on the communist-governed island.

The state-run National Information Agency said Thursday that a website called Ofertas, or Offers, and a 16-page color magazine with an initial run of 60,000 copies will be available next month.

Updated : 2021-09-28 03:03 GMT+08:00