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Rolling Stone apologizes; fraternity announces 'legal actions' against Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone apologizes; fraternity announces 'legal actions' against Rolling Stone

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (AP) -- A fraternity at the University of Virginia announced Monday that it will "pursue all available legal action" against Rolling Stone, saying a Columbia Journalism School review shows the magazine acted recklessly and defamed its members by publishing an article that falsely accused them of gang rape.

"The Rolling Stone article viewed by millions fueled a court of public opinion that ostracized Phi Kappa Psi members and led to vandalism of the fraternity house," the fraternity's statement said.

Rolling Stone's "shock narrative" about sex assaults at the University of Virginia was rife with bad journalism, and the magazine has nobody but its own staff to blame, Columbia Journalism School Dean Steve Coll said Monday at a question and answer session about the review he led at the magazine's request.

The magazine pledged to review its practices and removed "A Rape on Campus" from its website, but publisher Jann S. Wenner said he won't fire anyone despite the blistering review. In a New York Times interview, Wenner described "Jackie," whose claims provided the article's narrative thread, as "a really expert fabulist storyteller" who manipulated the magazine's journalism process.

The story horrified readers, unleashed campus protests and sparked a national discussion about sex assaults. Charlottesville police launched a separate investigation, which they suspended two weeks ago for lack of evidence even while publicly appealing for Jackie to cooperate. Her lawyer declined to make her available to police or the team at Columbia.

The Columbia review was requested by Rolling Stone Managing Editor Will Dana, who apologized again Monday as he retracted the article. Author Sabrina Rubin Erdely also apologized, saying she would not repeat the same mistakes.

Updated : 2021-09-23 19:41 GMT+08:00