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Romanian court bans 6 foreigners due to al-Qaida links

Court bans 6 "undesirable" foreigners from Romania due to link with al-Qaida, Islamic State

Romanian court bans 6 foreigners due to al-Qaida links

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) -- Romania's intelligence agency says a Bucharest court has ruled that six foreigners have been banned from the country due to their links with al-Qaida and the Islamic state.

The Romanian Intelligence Service said late Friday that a court has declared the six "undesirable" and banned them from Romania for three to six years. It said the six were working for companies with foreign capital and had been under surveillance since 2013.

It said the six "maintained and developed links with terrorist elements outside the country," promoting the Islamic State and al-Qaida and recruiting people for ideological and military purposes.

It did not specify whether they had already been expelled.

One was a Tunisian national. There was no information about the others.

Updated : 2021-09-25 03:59 GMT+08:00