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4 charged in Uganda-based counterfeit US currency scheme

4 men charged in Uganda-based scheme that saw counterfeit currency shipped, passed in US

4 charged in Uganda-based counterfeit US currency scheme

PITTSBURGH (AP) -- A federal grand jury has indicted four men in a Uganda-based scheme that led to counterfeit currency being shipped to and passed in the United States.

The indictment announced Thursday charges 27-year-old Ryan Andrew Gustafson, of Uganda, with producing the bills and selling them on black market websites. He's been in custody since December on charges reiterated in the indictment and on separate counts brought by Ugandan authorities of counterfeiting that country's currency, too.

The three other defendants charged are 18-year-old Zackary Ruiz, 20-year-old Michael Lin and 30-year-old Jeremy Miller. All three are Americans.

Authorities say Lin passed bogus notes and offered a Web-based guide on how to do that at casinos.

Updated : 2021-09-27 10:17 GMT+08:00