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Taipower supply capacity threatened despite high efficiency

Taipower supply capacity threatened despite high efficiency

Taiwan was ranked the number two for its convenience to get electricity, according to a report by the World Bank in 2014. As the sole power supplier in Taiwan, Taiwan Power Company (Taipower) was also recognized as among the tops in Asian electricity suppliers for its productivity. This April, however, Taipower is being met with challenges brought by the delayed resumption of Reactor One at Chinshan Nuclear Power Plant and the ongoing maintenance of Reactor One at the third nuclear power plant Maanshan. The combined causes have led to a low operating reserve ratio of 6.19 percent, the lowest level recorded as of this year. This ratio is only slightly above the safety level, with tighter power supply expected on Thursday if the temperate goes higher.

In a report issued by the World Bank in late 2014, Taiwan was ranked the 2nd highest for its easy access to electricity, only second to South Korea. Taipower indicated that the ranking was done by evaluating the factors of power supply procedure, time, and cost.

The report “Doing Business 2015” showed that a lower cost of generating electricity in Taiwan helps the country move seven notches up in the ranking from a year earlier. Taipower indicated that the company was performing as good as its European, American, and Japanese peers if one looks at the ratios of electricity loss, blackout periods, and employee productivity as the company is dedicated to reduce the loss throughout electricity transmission and distribution.

Taipower, in recent years, has been bolstering its operation performance with higher productivity in terms of the electricity supply per staff, outperforming Asian electricity suppliers except South Korea.

Before obtaining renewable and clean energy as an alternative to the nuclear power, Taipower will continue to ensure a safe and efficient nuclear power plant operation, according to the company. An IAEA report shows that Taiwan’s unplanned capability loss (UCL) was ranked the sixth highest in the world, proving Taipower’s power facility reliability and safety.

Taipower executives expressed the worry that the Reactor One at Chinshan Nuclear Power Plant might not be able to begin commercial operations in the foreseeable future as a result of the delays and the request from the Legislature to tender an evaluation report. Taipower might have to respond to the dilemma with higher supply of power generated through gas, the company executive was quoted as saying.

Updated : 2021-09-21 07:09 GMT+08:00