Postman dies of heart attack on Miaoli mail route

Taipei, April 1 (CNA) A long-serving postman suffered a heart attack while he was making his rounds in Miaoli on Tuesday and was declared dead on arrival at a hospital in the northern county, police said Wednesday. Liu Ching-sung (???), 57, was delivering mail in the neighborhood of Dahu Wineland Resort in Dahu Township when he collapsed, Miaoli police said. Liu had just made a delivery and had mounted his motorbike when he suddenly keeled over but did not fall off the bike, police said, citing an eyewitness. An employee at the Dahu Farmers' Association saw Liu collapse and called to the 119 emergency line to have an ambulance crew summoned. The medical personnel tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate the postman, the police said. He was rushed to hospital, where he was declared dead on arrival, police said. An autopsy on Wednesday confirmed that Liu had died of a heart attack, according to police. Liu has been working at Miaoli Post Office since 1982 and was described as a dedicated postman. (By Kuan Jui-pin and Elizabeth Hsu)