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Taipei mayor says 'one China' remark taken out of context

Taipei, March 31 (CNA) Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je (???) said Tuesday that his comment about "one China" may have been taken out of context by Chinese media and he suggested that people pay greater attention to the connotations of the term. In response to questions by mainland Chinese media Monday about the "1992 Consensus," Ko said no one in the world thinks there are "two Chinas" and therefore "one China" is not a problem. The 1992 consensus is a tacit agreement reached by the two sides across the Taiwan Strait in 1992 that there is "one China," with each side free to interpret what that means. Ko said he told the Chinese media that "you always speak of 'one China,' but would you tell us what that means?" He told the Taiwan media Tuesday that he was quoted out of context and that he thinks the connotations of "one China" are what should be of greater concern. Ko said that according to his notes, he told the Chinese media that based on the existing political foundation, the leaders of mainland China and Taiwan should uphold the principles of knowing each other, understanding each other, respecting each other and cooperating with each other and should adhere to the spirit of understanding that "both sides belong to one family." Those principles will serve to boost cross-strait exchanges and goodwill and will allow the people on both sides to pursue a common and better future, he added, relating what he said to the Chinese media. Ko said his views could be termed the "new perspectives of 2015" on cross-strait relations and may eventually become "2015 consensus" after public discussion. The Taipei mayor said that he is putting forth his new perspectives on cross-strait relations for public discussion, along with the question of what "one China" means. Ko's comments received a warm response in Beijing, with China's Taiwan Affairs Office spokeswoman Fan Liqing (???) praising him for making his stance clear on the "1992 consensus" -- a stance that Fan said will be beneficial to the city-to-city exchanges between Taipei and Chinese cities, including Shanghai. She also said that Shanghai will continue to communicate with Taipei on whether their twin-city forum will be held this year. (By Ku Chuan and Evelyn Kao)

Updated : 2021-09-22 05:49 GMT+08:00