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BC-What We're Talking About 1230 GMT,ADVISORY

BC-What We're Talking About 1230 GMT,ADVISORY

A selection of AP offerings that are especially good reads, shareable, consumer-friendly, or likely to generate talk or buzz:

DEMOCRATS-PRESIDENTIAL RACE-CLINTON-EMAILS - Clinton also used iPad for email despite claims of single device; she mixed personal, work chats. SENT: 730 words, photo.

RELIGIOUS OBJECTIONS - Fight over religious objection proposals that critics see as discriminatory shifts to Arkansas. SENT: 390 words, photos, video.

GAZA-RETURNING HOME - Fed up with slow pace of reconstruction, despondent Gazans return to destroyed homes. SENT: 950 words, 9 photos.

TV-COMEDY CENTRAL-NOAH - New 'Daily Show' host reflects late-night's new international look, lack of women. SENT: 880 words, photos.

JAPAN-SAME SEX MARRIAGE - Tokyo's Shibuya ward passes Japan's first ordinance to recognize same sex marriage. SENT: 720 words, photos.

INDONESIA-US WOMAN DEAD - Prosecutors seek 18 and 15 years in jail each for US couple charged with murder in Indonesia. SENT: 420 words.

3D PRINTED HAND - 3D print technology providing cheap, lightweight 'robohand' to 7-year-old California girl. SENT: 600 words. UPCOMING: Developing; photos planned.

SINGAPORE TEEN'S VIDEO - Singapore charges teen for video criticizing late leader Lee Kuan Yew and Christianity. SENT: 170 words.

CHINA-SOLAR PLANE - Solar-powered plane flies from Myanmar to China on historic round the-world flight. SENT: 180 words, photos.




FUTURE SOLDIERS-PHOTO ESSAY - AP PHOTOS: In Israel, Jewish teens gear up for military rite of passage by training in mud. SENT: 22 photos, 240 words.

MIDEAST GAZA RETURNING HOME - Fed up with slow pace of reconstruction, despondent Gazans return to destroyed homes. SENT: 9 photos with text noted above.




UNITED STATES-CLIMATE CHANGE - The U.S. will pledge Tuesday to cut its greenhouse gas emissions up to 28 percent as part of a global treaty aimed at preventing the worst effects of climate change. SENT: 520 words, photos. UPCOMING: 600 words after midday announcement.

TV-MAD MEN-WEINER - It seems like only yesterday that the 1960s were dawning for Don Draper, his family and his comrades at the Sterling Cooper advertising agency and now, as if in the blink of an eye, the '60s are waning as "Mad Men" nears the end of its glorious run. : 930 words by 1600 GMT, photos, video.

TV-MAD MEN'S ADS -- UPCOMING: 600 words by noon, photos.

MAD MEN TRIVIA QUIZ -- UPCOMING: 600 words by noon.

FILM-LO FI SCI FI - NEW YORK -- A new generation of filmmakers is breathing fresh life into often overcommercialized genres like sci-fi and horror. Many of the most exciting horror and sci-fi films in recent years, like the upcoming "Ex-Machina," have come from independent filmmakers working with small or even skimpy budgets. UPCOMING: 800 words by 1600 GMT, photos.

PASSOVER-SEDER GENTILES - For many Jews, Seder means a warm Passover embrace of gentiles. UPCOMING: 940 words by 1800 GMT Tuesday, photos.

PERU-AYACUCHO DANCERS-PHOTO ESSAY - They danced all day, until the sun set over Latin America's oldest bullring. But these were not merely typical dances of Peru's highlands. Each contained macabre reminders of the bitter conflict that these migrants from the Ayacucho region, or their parents, had endured.

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