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200,000 college students live at risk of depression disorder

200,000 college students live at risk of depression disorder

According to a survey from John Tung Foundation, there are about 200 thousand college students feeling depressed, especially senior students, who are facing the upcoming graduation, worrying about the future life-planning.

Recently, cases of college students suffering from depression or committing suicide are getting more and more. Thus, John Tung Foundation produced its first publicity film, “Running Hunter,” to help prevent depression.

The Director of Mental Health Department Vivian Yeh said that the survey started from 2005 continually interviewing about 5,000 college students. There are one in five students showing the symptoms of depression, especially those who are going to graduate from school.

Yeh added the common symptoms of depression include difficulty in getting sleep, agitation and restlessness, feelings of helplessness and hopelessness, withdrawal from social gatherings and inability to concentrate.

Psychiatrists suggested college students should keep a regular lifestyle and keep exercising regularly while symptoms of depression come up. Having quality sleeps and 10 minutes of exercise everyday are very helpful to improve negative emotions, he added.

Updated : 2021-09-17 21:06 GMT+08:00