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Fewer PhD students, but higher quality: MOE

Fewer PhD students, but higher quality: MOE

Due to the low birth rate, many schools face no students to enroll, which also affects the demand for teachers. Minister of Education Wu Se-hwa said the number of doctoral students should decrease, and there was also a need to give teachers a second skill to fit into the working opportunities outside the educational field.

Wu attended a seminar about the innovation and transformation of high schools and revealed that during the process of transformation, it’s hard for teachers to leave the college or university system, but teachers had to face reality.

Wu also said that because of the decrease of students, schools, which relied on tuition for income, had to adjust the ratio between students and teachers, causing a drop in demand for teachers. Therefore, both schools and teachers needed support, and the Ministry of Education would think up a solution.

The Ministry of Education would cooperate with the Ministry of Economic Affairs to assist teachers to develop a second skill and to encourage people with doctoral degrees finding jobs in industry, Wu added.

As to doctoral students, Wu said his ministry would focus on a decrease in numbers but an improvement in quality, with an expected maximum limit of 6,000 students with doctoral degrees per year. However, academic development was still important, while diminishing numbers, the ministry would support every student who was willing to pursue advanced studies.

Updated : 2021-09-28 19:10 GMT+08:00