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Samsung sub-contractor takes responsibility for Formosa collapse

Samsung sub-contractor takes responsibility for Formosa collapse

A scaffolding collapse at the Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Complex in Vietnam on March 25 caused 13 people to die and dozens to suffer from injuries. At a news conference Friday, the chairman of sub-contractor Samsung C&T Corp., a subsidiary of South Korea's Samsung Group, bowed and apologized, saying the company would shoulder responsibility.

The chairman said the equipment was modern and had been imported from Sweden, and used in South Korea and Singapore without any accidents. More time was needed to look into the cause of what was clearly an accident, the official said.

C&T Corporation would take full responsibility for the dead and the injured, and was grateful to the local rescue teams and organizations, the chairman added.

The local organizations also published the initial result of an investigation, which pointed out that the brake of a hydraulic machine was broken. However, the overall investigation was still underway, and the related organizations had formed an interdepartmental group to investigate both the cause of the accident and who’s to blame.

At least 13 workers were killed and nearly 30 people wounded Wednesday night when the scaffolding suddenly collapsed at the plant in the Vung Ang economic zone of Ha Tinh province. The workers were all Vietnamese and were employed by a sub-contractor of Samsung.

Updated : 2021-09-26 00:43 GMT+08:00