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Snowden meets Swedish lawmakers in Moscow

Snowden meets Swedish lawmakers in Moscow to talk about surveillance, privacy issues

Snowden meets Swedish lawmakers in Moscow

STOCKHOLM (AP) -- Three Swedish lawmakers have met Edward Snowden in Moscow to discuss surveillance and privacy issues.

Friday's meeting was organized by the Right Livelihood Award Foundation, which gave its annual human rights prize to Snowden last year. The former National Security Agency systems analyst sought shelter in Russia after leaking details of the United States' once-secret surveillance programs.

In a statement from the foundation, Snowden said he discussed mass surveillance, privacy and transparency with the lawmakers and added "I hope to see them soon again in Sweden."

If he leaves Russia, Snowden would risk arrest and extradition to the U.S., where he's been charged under the Espionage Act.

The Swedish lawmakers were from the Green Party -- the junior member of Sweden's coalition government -- and the Moderate and Liberal parties.

Updated : 2021-09-28 01:08 GMT+08:00