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TOCFL is the Key to Job Opportunities for Foreign Students in Taiwan

TOCFL is the Key to Job Opportunities for Foreign Students in Taiwan

Are you a foreign student hoping to stay and work in Taiwan after you graduate? If so, be sure to take advantage of one of the best bits of info you can put on your resume: a score from the Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL). Rack up a good score in this test and you’ll have a solid recommendation on your ability in reading, writing and speaking Chinese to show to potential employers.

The Ministry of Labor is always looking for talent, and in July 2014 they officially announced that they will add 20 points to the skills rating of anyone who obtains a Basic rating in the TOCFL, 25 for those who are rated Advanced and 30 for anyone rated Fluent or higher. Examinees scoring a total of 70 or more on the eight sections in the test are eligible to apply for a Ministry of Labor Employment Permit.

The TOCFL was designed by National Taiwan University for the Ministry of Education and the Steering Committee for Testing of Proficiency (SC-TOP) to assess the Chinese language skills of non-native Chinese. It is currently administered at six grades including two grades each at the Basic, Advanced and Fluent proficiency levels. Candidates can select the level and grade they wish to test in, in accordance with their own level of language proficiency.

More than 200,000 persons have already taken the TOCFL, including 37,561 who sat for the test in 2014. Candidates from more than 60 countries worldwide have taken the test, including a growing number of overseas Chinese. In Taiwan the test is held twice a year in May and November, at test sites in the northern, central and southern areas of the island. The next round of tests will feature hearing and reading tests on May 2, followed by oral and written tests May 3. The last day of registration is March 27, so time is short. For more information on the examination and how to register, please refer to the Chinese website at

TOCFL is a sure-fire way for Overseas Chinese and foreigners to make themselves more employable in Taiwan. In addition, many educational institutions and language schools now offer special classes for those who want to prepare for TOCFL. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to verify your skills in Chinese. If you want to work in Taiwan, your next step should be to take the TOCFL.

Updated : 2021-09-22 15:41 GMT+08:00