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China supports Taiwanese ex-VP's idea of holding Kinmen Forum

Beijing, March 25 (CNA) China has expressed approval of an idea from former Vice President Vincent Siew (???) of Taiwan to hold a cross-Taiwan Strait forum in Kinmen, based on the approach of the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA), according to China's Taiwan Affairs Office spokeswoman Fan Liqing (???). Siew's proposal of using Kinmen, a Taiwan-controlled island group off the coast of southern China, as a platform for cultural exchanges between the two sides of the strait, could help promote mutual understanding between the people of the two sides, Fan said at the office's regular press conference Wednesday. Minnan culture is the folk culture jointly shared by people in China's Fujian Province and in Taiwan, and is also "the most important part of Chinese culture," Fan said. Establishing "a platform for Minnan cultural exchanges" would facilitate mutual understanding and carry forward Chinese culture, she said, adding that China is therefore happy to see Kinmen play a bigger role in the interaction and cooperation between the two sides. The Kinmen archipelago consists of 12 islands and is located at the mouth of the Jiulong River in Fujian, just a few kilometers away from Chinese territory. Thanks to its geographic position, Kinmen is rich with Minnan culture. Siew put forth the proposal of holding a "Kinmen Forum" to promote cross-strait exchanges during a visit he made to the outlying island last week. In a speech at National Quemoy University in Kinmen, the former vice president touted the island as being rich in Southern Fujian culture, and highlighted the island's economic potential thanks to the globally-renowned Kinmen Kaoliang, distilled liquor made from fermented sorghum. With these natural advantages, Kinmen would be the perfect place to hold a cross-strait forum based on the approach of the annual Boao Forum for Asia (BFA), Siew said. Siew will head a Taiwanese delegation due to attend the 2015 BFA, slated for March 26-29 in Boao, in southern China's Hainan Province. (By Lawrence Chiu and Elizabeth Hsu)

Updated : 2021-09-27 12:07 GMT+08:00