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Hung Hsiu-chu ready to throw her hat, not the towel, into the ring

Hung Hsiu-chu ready to throw her hat, not the towel, into the ring

Hung Hsiu-chu, the Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Yuan, spoke out Wednesday on the KMT’s failure to produce a clear candidate to represent the party in the 2016 presidential election. She said it is time for the KMT to make its position clear on critical issues related to the nation’s future, cross-strait policy, the nuclear power issue and other problems and explain how its ideas and ideals differ from those of the DPP.

Hung that if the leaders and members of the party are unable to stand shoulder-to-shoulder and fight for what is right, she could not rule out the possibility that she herself might step forward to participate in the presidential election in 2016 and struggle for the rights of the people and the party.

Hung has more than once lamented the party’s lack of progress in nominating a candidate for president in January’s election, saying that the KMT must begin preparing for the presidential campaign. Known in the Legislative Yuan as “Little Pepper,” Hung charged that key players in the party are evading responsibility and putting off action even as the polls next year draw closer. She warned, "I'm getting desperate enough to jump out myself and force all of you to follow along."

Hung said she is concerned about the KMT’s inability to motivate people and the huge distance between the cross-strait policies being espoused by the KMT and DPP. "Where is the KMT's cross-strait policy headed?” she asked. “The DPP continues to flog Taiwan independence and no nukes, but what can the KMT offer as alternatives?”

Hung noted that KMT Chairman Eric Liluan Chu is parroting the DPP line on refusing to extend the operating life of Nuclear Power Plants One and Two while mothballing the still-unfinished Fourth Nuclear Power Plant. “Does that mean that Chu's energy policy is one and the same as the DPP’s?"

"That is precisely why I am worried and why I am ready to issue a challenge,” said Hung. She said the KMT needs to be clear on its positions and refrain from just sitting on its haunches. “The KMT cannot afford to just sit there like a stone, thinking it can be ready to go to war without having said something first.”

Hung noted that while she herself has reached the age where it’s all the same no matter what she does or does not do, and while she does not engage in factional disputes or follow any particular leaders, “I still have enough in the tank to want to know whether I can get people stirred up about things."

She added that in the event she should commit to a race next year, she will not back out regardless of what anyone might say. “Anyone in the party with any capability should have the right to step forward and take on the responsibility,” she said.

Updated : 2021-09-29 00:10 GMT+08:00