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Toothfilm marches into Europe

Toothfilm marches into Europe

Developed and made in Taiwan, the toothfilm products designed for aftercare procedure are now being adopted by dental professionals in the European market, according to the Taiwan-based biotech company Toothfilm Inc. Tuesday. Toothfilm team offers a range of innovative dressing products for better care after tooth implants, extracts, whitening, and orthodontic related surgeries, effectively easing pain or discomfort.

The company's distribution partner in Europe has already got CE Mark needed to import the products with the aim to reach dental chains in Europe.

Dental implant surgery is now the top option for those with severe tooth decay, while only a few aftercare products available on the market to take good care of the teeth which might jeopardize patients' oral health.

The teeth-whitening products and orthodontic surgeries are becoming more popular, but such treatments usually lead to temporary pain or sensitivity; here is what Toothfilm comes into play.

Toothfilm products has not only passed medical device approval under Taiwan FDA (TFDA), it also comes with US and Taiwan utility patent and CE Mark needed for European markets. The product series were officially announced at the international dental show in Taiwan and attracted huge attention from nearly 200 dental professionals and distributors.

Toothfilm products have hit the shelves at more than 160 retail stores, including pharmacy chains, major department stores, and a few online shops in the country.

Updated : 2022-05-18 09:21 GMT+08:00