Man kills son with cerebral palsy out of exhaustion

Taipei, March 23 (CNA) A man who strangled his cerebral palsy-afflicted son, purportedly because of the exhaustion he felt in caring for the boy, was turned over to prosecutors Monday. The 41-year-old man, Ho Chung-ming (???), told police he had an emotional breakdown when he drove his 21-year-old son for a ride on Sunday. After learning that his son had again kicked his grandmother, he was stressed because of worries about his son's condition and the injuries sustained by his mother.
He parked his car by the side of the road near Binjiang and Fuyuan streets and asked his son: "Everyone is tired. Is it all right if I kill you?" His son, who had attempted to take his own life previously, nodded, and the father climbed to the back seat of the car to strangle the defenseless boy. He stayed with his dead son for an hour before reporting the incident to police, and he was crying bitterly when police arrived, police said. According to a preliminary investigation, Ho runs a steel plant and has two sons. The victim, the first born son, was pronounced dead at birth because of asphyxia after his neck became entangled with his umbilical cord. His survived after emergency treatment but was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of three. Because he could not move his limbs on his own, he was confined to a wheelchair. The family, which originally lived in Zhongshan District in Taipei, moved to Linkou in New Taipei so that the son could attend a special school there. The son was put under the care of Ho's grandparents in Shilin in Taipei, with Ho's wife helping care for the boy every Tuesday and Thursday and Ho himself taking his son for a drive on Sunday. He told police his son kicked his grandparents when throwing a tantrum because he couldn't move easily, and his son had attempted to end his own life by hitting walls several times. (By You Kai-hsiang and Lilian Wu)