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Vietnamese wife in Hualien cheated in Net scam

Vietnamese wife in Hualien cheated in Net scam

The savings of a 29-year-old Vietnamese woman in Hualien being drawn into by an Internet scam were saved by an alert store clerk who warned the woman before she suffered even greater losses.

The woman surnamed Liu, who is married to a local man, recently spent a few hundred NT dollars to buy clothes on the Net. In doing so, however, she disclosed her personal data to a group of Internet thieves who withdrew NT$100,000 from her online banking account. The group then tried to get her to buy points in a game at a supermarket, but a clerk smelled something fishy about the deal and called in Hualien police officers.

Police officers investigating the case determined that the woman had been instructed to buy 10,000 game points at the supermarket on Chungshan Road in Hualien, quickly establishing that the whole matter was a scam.

Liu told the officers she had been told she would have to buy 10,000 points in an Internet game in order to receive the clothes she had ordered, otherwise she would lose the money she had already transferred.

After questioning by the police she realized that she was being played by scammers and admitted she had already lost NT$100,000 to the group. The police advised her to abandon her attempt to cooperate with the scammers and are continuing with their investigation into the case.

Police officials urge the public to be extremely careful when making online purchases and carefully verify the parties involved in order to avoid being cheated.

Updated : 2021-05-06 11:45 GMT+08:00