Andalusia provides electoral test for 2 new Spanish parties

2 newcomers seek to upset Spain's establishment parties in elections for Andalusia parliament

Andalusia provides electoral test for 2 new Spanish parties

MADRID (AP) -- Two fledgling parties that have shaken up Spain's political scene are testing their voter appeal in parliamentary elections in the unemployment-ravaged Andalusia region.

Opinion polls forecast that the two traditional heavyweights of Spanish politics, the Socialists and conservative People's Party, will retain most seats in Andalusia's 109-seat parliament in Sunday's vote. The Socialists have governed Andalusia continuously since 1982 but could require coalition support from one of the new parties.

The two new parties blame Spain's political establishment for Andalusia's Spain-leading 34.2 percent rate of unemployment.

The left-wing party Podemos has links to Greece's anti-austerity Syriza and hopes to replicate its rise to power. Podemos means "We Can."

Polls indicate Podemos should come third, while fellow newcomer Ciudadanos, a centrist party whose name means "Citizens," could finish fourth.

Updated : 2021-04-13 22:18 GMT+08:00